Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)


1. How do I decide which is the right painting for my problem?

These are purely Vastu paintings which add positivity to the 8 directional zones of vastu. Each zone is responsible for different areas of life , like NW for relationships , North for incoming money etc. You problem will fall under the virtue of one or two vastu zones and you may pick up a painting of that zone. This painting will help improve your problem and at the same time add positively to all other virtues , the zone stands for. You may always consult our team on our nos. Or through our mail for any further assistance.

2. How do I decide the zones of my house?

You may refer to the ready reckoner chart given in the "Vastu Paintings" link of our website which will help you in deciding the vastu zones of your house. Alternatively you may email us your map and we can send back a zonal map to you and one of our agents will telephonically assist you.

3. Can these paintings be used for homes only or can they be used for work places also.

These paintings can most definitely be used in offices, showrooms, factories, hotels , hospitals,schools etc to achieve desired results in terms of better finances, team spirit, energy in staff, expense control, stability and control to director, better footfall etc. By putting them in the corresponding vastu zone of the result desired.

4. How does the yantra painting work?

These yantra paintings have elementary shapes and forms which awaken the primeval consciousness of an individual , help in connecting psychology to cosmology, microcosm to the macrocosm or the small mind to big mind, thereby unleashing the infinite blessings of the universe on man and his space. When the painted representation of a yantra or its amalgmation in a zone painting is adapted for worship or the energy is invoked in it..the yantra painting becomes the deity himself and and the sadhak shuns his analytical, critical small mind and energy circulates in higher circles..

5. How do vastu paintings work ?

These paintings besides being pieces of art and enhancers of vastu zones are useful beyond the purely decorative effect. These art pieces subtly affect the mind and are real friends which can uplift your moods and are powerful triggers to changing how one feels Inviting these paintings to your home surely means inviting dieties to your homes.

6. Can I put as many paintings as I want?

Yes you may put as many paintings as you may want in the specified vastu zone of your home or workplace.

7. Can I get a vastu consultancy also along with the paintings?

Yes you may avail our online Vastu consultancy services or you may request an office appointment with us. You may also request Dr. Vaishali Gupta's personal visit with her team and for that you get in touch with our agents.


8. In case I am not able to decide the directions of my house with the ready reckoner, can I get online assistance for the same?

Yes ! Our team will be more than happy to assist you telephonically or online.

9. Is astrology important in the whole process?

The paintings are very generic and add positivity to the zone they are installed in. However for very specific situations you may consult us with you natal chart and we may suggest you a planet yantra painting or vastu zone remedial art.

10. Is it possible to get a poster of the same?

No.!! These are energised vastu paintings and are the process of energising happens during the process of painting with potent mantras. The poster will not be able to create the same effect .

11. Can I get the painting made to my custom size?

We have certain standard sizes available with us , but we can always create something which suits your customised requirement.


12. How do i order? What is the transaction process and the time of delivery?

You will have to send us a website enquiry or you may contact our agents telephonically to place your order. You may deposit the amount in our bank A/c and we shall provide you the painting with in 8-10 working days.

13. Can i carry it to a new house ,if i change my house?

Yes you can carry it to you new house and you may reinstall it in the appropriate vastu zone of your new residence.

14. How is my particular painting different from a person who copied it-can they be replicated?

These paintings are art works with science behind. These paintings are energised with mantras and have hidden energy diagrams for raising the positive vibrations of a space and individual alike. Art may be copied but the science of energising is what makes the painting unique and effective. So any copied art will not work as a potent vastu remedy.

15. How are these paintings different from the otherwise positive paintings shown on the other art events?

These paintings are based on the tenets of 5000 year old scripture Vastushastra which is both a scientific and spiritual and are also the result of dedicated research by Dr. Vaishali Gupta. These paintings have been created keeping vastu zones in mind for quick results through yantras , mantras, elements, colours and symbols. the art is very unique and contributes greatly in enhancing the positive vibrations of a premise along with manifestation of zone virtues in the lives of the occupants.

16. Is there anything special in painting material?

The paintings are created in acrylic paints, oil paints and also in mixed media depending upon the zone and utility .


17. Will a zone painting affect only on that zone or will it create over all positive effect in the whole house?

The paintings works incredibly well for the specified zone but it definitely contributes in crating an overall balance in the source and sink energies of the space.